Editing for an Editor

I’m still thinking about what I learned from Erin Healey at the Peak Writing Conference. My editor’s mind is still struggling she said with which I had a mixed reaction. She said authors should not be too concerned with copy editing (punctuation, grammar, etc.) and to be more focused on things like characterization, plot, sequence – basically structure issues. She very briefly mentioned making sure the copy issues were addressed but didn’t elaborate.

I agree structure issues are the most important. Copy problems are easy fixes for the editor.


At the ACFW Colorado Springs Peak Writing Conference on Saturday, speaker Erin Healy talked about one of the obstacles to completing our manuscripts being distractions. On one level it made me laugh, but on the other I realized it is a serious problem for me in a way I didn’t expect.

It made me laugh because in the past I have told people one of the distractions to my writing is my house. It screams at me. “Wash the dishes.” “Take the clothes out of the dryer.” “Rearrange the office.” These are just a few of the things my house tells me to do.

Blogging a Book

I’ve heard a number of people talk about blogging a book. In many ways it is a good idea. But there are a number of things an author has to think about if they plan on doing this.

Basically, blogging a book means taking a group of blogs an author wrote and putting them together into a book. Generally, but not always, more information is added. The book may or may not be promoted as a compilation of the authors writing.

If the book is self-published, there is no problem with doing this.

Commenting on blogs

All this month I'm blogging every day for Written World Communications as our yearly Resolve to Write during January. Today, I wanted to share one of the blogs from that site.

I’m still looking at other blogs for information on how to write blogs. One suggestion for building an audience is commenting on other blogs, especially blogs on complimentary topics. It is important to include your blog site with the comments. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this.

Actually I like to get comments when I am blogging and I also enjoy leaving comments for others.

Writing Friends

During the month of December I had very little personal contact with my writing friends. There were fewer meetings and a lot of activities to interfere with my writing and to take me away from my friends.

January started with a lot of writing. First, because I’ve focused on blogging. Second, because I set a very large word count writing goal for my novel. And third, I was challenged during December to write a book for children – a totally new area for me. The blogging is going well. I’m currently way behind on the word count.

Dash or Ellipsis

Since Monday is my day to blog as an editor, I decided to talk about something I’ve seen a lot of lately and which is frustrating me. When is it proper to use a dash or an ellipsis? What is the difference?

To make the answer more frustrating for me, I was recently at a presentation by a well-known, multi-published author who gave a partially wrong answer to this question. So here is what I know. Feel free to argue with me if you disagree.

A dash indicates a sudden or harsh interruption, especially in dialogue. An ellipsis indicates words left out of a quotation or a soft pause.

It Happened, Yay!

On Fridays I write about personal issues. And today, it is about change, especially the ones over the past year.

I found this quote from Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

I have faced several issues in the last year. Some were health issues. Others related to my positions in organizations of which I am a member. A lot has changed. At first, I felt really bad about it and did a lot of crying. With time I started seeing a positive side to these situations.

New Old Project

One of my goals for the year is to get my blog back active. On Wednesdays I write with my Author’s Hat.

My most current writing project is the combination of an old project and a challenge I received during December. Many years ago (approximately 25 years) I wrote a children’s Christmas play called Jesus Get Hand-Me-Downs. Over the years I have become frustrated because no one wanted to use it. Actually I at points I was very hurt because I felt my talents were unwanted.

H is for Husband

I got into an interesting discussion the other day. Two young ladies were discussing what makes a romantic husband. I listened to them agree that what makes romance from their men. Their conclusion included things like flowers, jewelry, nights out on the town and related items. Being the nosey person I am, I injected myself in the conversation.

Now, I am approximately three times the age of these ladies and I have been married a lot longer. My sweet hubby doesn’t meet their criteria, but to me he is extremely romantic.

G is for God

I’m thinking today a lot about the fact the God I worship is a God of order. And right now my life has just about anything other than order. Having had a recurring cold for two months, I am behind on everything. Obviously I am even behind on this blog because I am doing both G and H today.

So how am I to look at this? Am I to be frustrated because I am so far behind or am I to believe that because I am getting stronger God will help me get things back in order? The frustration that has come about due to this illness makes me want to give up.

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