Education with Chip MacGregor Part 2

Below are continued thoughts from Chip macGregor’s presentation on From Wannabe to Published Author . In depth information on these notes can be found at Chip’s website.

Education with Chip MacGregor Part 1

I attended a continuing session with Chip MacGregor entitled From Wannabe to Published Author. Below are some of the highlights from that presentation. In depth information on these notes can be found on Chip’s website.

CCWC Education – Suggested Books

You can’t be in any group of writers for very long before they start suggesting books to read. Below are some of the books suggested to me during CCWC.

Education with James Scott Bell

Thursday morning former lawyer and author James Scott Bell talked about whether we are writing for ourselves or for God. Below are some of the comments I enjoyed or by which I was touched.

Exited and tired

There is nothing quite as physically and emotionally draining as writers’ conferences. At the same time, there is nothing quite as exhilarating. In my next few blogs I will be sharing some of the events of this year’s Colorado Christian Writers Conference.

Platform, Platform, Platform

Ten minute speeches. In just ten minutes how much can you tell someone about your book? While judging Original Oratory for the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association I got some great examples of a person can present a lot of material in a short period of time. In less than a month I will be at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference participating in fifteen minute meetings with publishers and agents. These students demonstrated how much information can be presented in few minutes. If any of the young speakers had said they had a non-fiction book, I would have purchased it.

No expectations

Go expectant, but with no expectations. That was part of the advice given today at the Words for the Journey meeting as we prepared for upcoming writers conferences. I remember a time I didn’t take that advice when I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference.

Talking Fiction

Can you speak as well as write? In today’s market, we have to be prepared to market our books and part of that means we need to have speaking skills. I spent two days listening to young speakers. We can take a cue from these excellent speakers. Below are my thoughts regarding the speeches application to fiction writing.

Writing help

Author Megan DiMaria is one of the new examiners at She has excellent help all writers, but new writers can find a wealth of information by checking out her site. I just finished reading her article on #Queryday. I think you will find it interesting and educational.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Last night I stayed up late watching The Ten Commandments for the gazillionth time. For those who are not old movie buffs, this is a 1956 re-enactment of the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt based on the book of Exodus staring Charlton Heston. It is regularly shown on the Saturday before Resurrection Sunday. Every year I find something new. This year I was reminded how even the littlest action can add meaning to the story. When Moses comes down from Mount Sinai, Aaron has been reluctantly participating in the worship of a golden calf.

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