Real characters

This morning I spoke at my Toastmasters meeting. I practiced speaking to 5th and 6th graders about making their characters real. One of my evaluations said this was good information for adults as well as the youth I will be teaching. Here are a couple of the things I said.

The old woman walked across the street with her cane. What other information could you give your readers? Did she stand tall and proud? Did her cane tap in time with her steps? Was she hunched and curled over the cane? Were her feet shuffling. How much of her weight was being held by the cane? Did she walk slow or fast?

Writing Friends

I am somewhat nervous starting this blog, but the Lord has blessed me with encouragement from my writing friends—especially my friends in Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild. Every writer needs support through the frustrations of writing exactly what the reader is looking for. WFTJ is my cheering squad, my shoulder to cry on, and “someones” to celebrate with. To meet these wonderful friends and writers, check out their blog at

One special friend in WFTJ is Jan Parrish.

I'm glad you came to visit

Hi. How you doin’? Come on in.

I’m looking forward to sharing an adventure with all of you. It is a trip through the land of creativity inside our minds. Creativity explains our world, changes it and builds new worlds within it. This morning, a beautiful day in Colorado and I look out my window through green leaves at patches of bright blue sky, creating different pictures in the gentle breeze. I see butterflies calling me to follow them; sparkling eyes of children playing hide-and-seek; and a room full of fans making their own wind.

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