Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cost for children to use your services on this site?

    Checking the Passing the Quill page for writing suggestions, sending emails with questions, and the monthly newsletter are free. I also welcome comments on my blog.

    Special services, ie. editing, help with queries, etc. do have a cost. However, I do not post the rates, as I want to be able to adjust these costs depending on the type of help needed and to be sure every child writer can receive the help they need.

  2. What will be in the monthly newsletter?

    The newsletter will include writing tips and prompts, a contest, and samples of writing by the members who have signed up.

  3. What ages of children will be in Passing the Quill?

    Technically, Passing the quill is open to anyone who can write up to age 18. However, remember I am flexible and won’t turn away newcomers to the world of writing.

  4. As a parent, I’d like to know how this site will protect children coming on the site.

    I will be collecting only three pieces of information from youth and children—first name, email address, and favorite genre. No one has access to the list of members other than me. The list will not be shared with any third party. I recommend the authors use a pseudonym for any work published in the newsletter. Also, their stories should not contain any information someone can use to locate them. If the story does contain such information, I will change that information to protect the child. This is all about the kids.

    Services for children, which required for payment will be handled through a Pay Pal account and can only be paid for by someone over 18.

    Please check our privacy policy for further information on this subject.