Conference Fun

Saturday I attended the Peak Writing Conference presented by the Worship, Write, Witness chapter of ACFW. The presenter was Kristen Heitzmann speaking on the topic on Keys to Compelling Stories.

Two things happened at the conference which caught my attention.

First, I learned a simple definition of Deep POV. This is a subject which can be confusing. Kristen explained it as a continued thought from something that was said. It is not italicized nor is it put in quotes. I have heard a lot of very detailed definitions but this is the simplest and most concise I’ve heard.

The second thought was a special memory about events like this. Although it was called a conference, I would have called it more of a seminar because it didn’t have the editor/agent appointments of the larger conference. That doesn’t change the importance of this seminar and others like it. I listened to the speaker and to the many questions by the participants. Thanks to what was learned these men and women are better prepared to pitch their books to editors and agents. When they do query and submit their books, they will look better because they have improved their skills.

This is not true of only this conference. Many writers groups have this type of training conference. They also have a variety of opportunities to learn during their meetings. All of them help their members and their participants prepare to be published – either traditionally or self-published.

I was reminded to recommend to all writers to get involved in a writers’ group to improve their skills and have a better chance of being published.


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