B is for Blogging

This is the blog I also put on the Written World Communication blog. I thought it was important enough to put on this blog also.

It seems appropriate on a blogging challenge to talk about blogging.

Authors are told repeatedly to build their platforms and part of that process is establishing a blog. At the same time, many authors feel like it is a waste of time to blog because the whole blog world is totally saturated. On one level, I can totally agree with this perspective because I try to read some of my friends’ blogs. My problem is if I start reading blogs I can spend my whole day just reading and I get nothing else accomplished.

However, recently I have started reading three to five blogs each day. I never read more than five and I rarely read less than three. I make it a point to read different blogs so I am not reading the same blog every day. Now, I also have to admit I have a few blogs I save for those times I am having a bad day because they always lift me up. I may not read them on a regular basis, but they are my safety net.

The interesting thing is I discover that while I select my daily blogs on what I see as a random basis, it is almost always the blog I need for that day. It may be because I need the message to speak to me emotionally. Or I may need a piece of information in that blog for something at work or for one of my writing groups that day. Or sometimes I may not know why I need this information, but a few days or weeks down the road I have read something in a blog that I need.

On the other hand, blogs can relieve the emotion and pressure I am feeling in my life, but that is information for another blog.

So, because of the way I feel about blogs does that mean I should or shouldn't blog. I think I should because it does help my reach others and if I even help one the way others helped me. It is worth it.

Do you see blogging as positive or negative?


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Blogs are Inspiring

No writer can write in a vaccuum. Fresh ideas whether given or gleaned from others, and the relationships that grow from interacting with other bloggers keep me moving ahead. Blog posting or reading can be a time burner at times, but that's just like anything. It's like dessert. Enhances life, but don't eat the whole cake.

I think blogs are still

I think blogs are still relevant. Even if not read on a regular basis, it's the chief interface between author and readers between books. It reminds others that we exist while they're waiting for our next book to come out, and it let's them know who we are as people, which deepens the passion of a fan. Even though the original excitement about blogs is waned a bit, they still serve our audience and, therefore, are still relevant.

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