C is for Clutter

I’m dealing with a lot of clutter today. I have plenty in my home that I need to work on since I tend to be a packrat, but that is not the type of clutter I am talking about. Right now I am trying to put the clutter in my mind in some kind of order. I’m not even sure how this post will come out because I have so many things running through my head that I can’t keep up with all of it. Between work and church and home and family and writing groups, I’m not sure which way to turn. Way too many things and way too much clutter.

But I can overcome it with the right actions. I am going to spend a few days ignoring a lot of it while I work through some scriptures and write out some prayers. Thanks to the reliability of God I know if I talk to Him about all the clutter, He will find a way to help me straighten it all out so I can get back on track on a lot of things.


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