E is for Energy

I missed blogging yesterday because I was experiencing lots of energy and by the time I was finished I ran out of my own energy. Therefore, I am catching up and will be doing two blogs for today.

I am not a big baseball fan. Or to put it better. I am a baseball fan by marriage. While I think the sport is okay, but not something to get excited about, my husband is a very serious fan. He keeps score at all the games he is able to attend and can tell you almost anything you want to know about the sport. I accompany him to games because I love him, not because I love the game. What I do find interesting as a writer is watching the crowd. Yesterday was the home operner for the Colorado Rockies. It was a sold out game so there were more than 50,000 people in attendance.

I am fascinated by how the energy of the crowd works. A ball is hit by a Rockies’ player. It is high and long. People are on their feet, yelling. There is so much energy; a person would think the stadium was a balloon floating in air. The ball hits the wall instead of going out. There is a “whoof” of air, almost like a pin stuck in that balloon as the crowd sits down. This is just one example. But dozens of times throughout the game when plays are made, I can feel the energy and atmosphere in the stadium going up and down almost like riding a wave.

For me the fun of going to baseball games is a combination of being with my sweet hubby and riding all those waves. Do you ever ride waves of energy? What are they and why do you like them?



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Ah, nothing like a game at Coors Field (except maybe Safeco Field - Go M's!). I found my energy in choir - whether it was practice or service. So many voices singing praises to the Lord, the warmth, the love - something I miss some days. Now, the waves of energy I enjoy come from waterfalls first, falling rain second and cresting waves third.

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