H is for Husband

I got into an interesting discussion the other day. Two young ladies were discussing what makes a romantic husband. I listened to them agree that what makes romance from their men. Their conclusion included things like flowers, jewelry, nights out on the town and related items. Being the nosey person I am, I injected myself in the conversation.

Now, I am approximately three times the age of these ladies and I have been married a lot longer. My sweet hubby doesn’t meet their criteria, but to me he is extremely romantic. I can probably count on my fingers the number of times he has brought me flowers over during our marriage and I appreciate it because it is so rare. Jewelry—He has gotten me some, but not a lot. The pieces he has given me have deep and special meaning, so it doesn’t require many. Nights on the town—that is almost a joke. Since he works weird shifts and hours, scheduling those can be more of a hassle than they are worth. But what does he do?

Right now I am under a lot of stress and I had to give up some time away when I could rest. So he told me he was taking some time off and taking me away to a place I could rest for a few days. He supports my dreams. He has actually said he cannot understand why I am a writer and why I like that world, but at the same time, he supports me and makes sure I have what I need to fulfill those goals. More than once I have received a gift from him that relates to a dream I mentioned months before. He hears what I want and he remembers. He never puts me down or belittles me, even if we are having an argument. He treats me like I am special and have great value.

No my sweet hubby does not meet the criteria for what these young ladies described as romantic, but I cherish what he gives me more than all the flowers, jewelry, and nights out they want.



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What's romantic to one may

What's romantic to one may not be romantic to another. For example, my husband doing dishes is very sexy!

I thought all blogs were instructed to disable %^&$ captcha for the A-Z challenge.



All of us grow up. Romance should not be about the things but the thought behind them. I sort of feel sorry for the young ladies who are in for a rude awakening. Still, your husband sounds like mine and it is the little things that he does that delight me and the ones I find most romantic. Stopping by on the A to Z.


Love this, Chris. I agree.

Love this, Chris. I agree. "Romantic" should be defined by what the couple thinks is romantic. There are no set rules as to what makes a gesture romantic or not. You have a very nice husband. :)

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