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One of my goals for the year is to get my blog back active. On Wednesdays I write with my Author’s Hat.

My most current writing project is the combination of an old project and a challenge I received during December. Many years ago (approximately 25 years) I wrote a children’s Christmas play called Jesus Get Hand-Me-Downs. Over the years I have become frustrated because no one wanted to use it. Actually I at points I was very hurt because I felt my talents were unwanted. Then, this year I needed to come up with a story to tell my AWANA clubbers while they had their Christmas hot chocolate. I decided to tell the story of Jesus Gets Hand-Me-Downs. The children were intrigued by the story. As a result, some parents and adult leaders have asked for a copy of the story.

Opps! I wrote the play so long ago, I really don’t have any idea where it is. I’ve been through several computers since I wrote it. And no one who has seen my office would be surprised I can’t find the hard copy. When I told the story that night, I did so from bullet points, not a script. So now, I am in the process of recreating the story in book form. I can no longer allow myself to feel frustrated and unwanted because I’m realizing it is largely a matter of timing. When I first wrote this, it wasn’t the right time or the right format. Now is the time to be working on this book and, I hope, the time to get it published.


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