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During the month of December I had very little personal contact with my writing friends. There were fewer meetings and a lot of activities to interfere with my writing and to take me away from my friends.

January started with a lot of writing. First, because I’ve focused on blogging. Second, because I set a very large word count writing goal for my novel. And third, I was challenged during December to write a book for children – a totally new area for me. The blogging is going well. I’m currently way behind on the word count. And the children’s book is coming along slowly.

Monday night was my first writers meeting of the New Year (Mile High Scribes – South Denver ACFW Chapter). The teaching by Carla Laureano was very good, but even more important was the camaraderie of being around other writers. I came away rejuvenated and anxious to write. I didn’t even want to do anything else on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I’m writing this blog Tuesday morning on a notepad because my 10:00 appointment turned into an 11:30 appointment with no way to go back home between the times and I forgot my tablet. In need my writing friends to keep me fighting against the obstacles that get in the way and try to steal my writing time.

Thanks to all of you for being out there for me.


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Its great to be in touch,

Its great to be in touch, from last few years I have been very busy with my do my assignment project but despite several other things running parallel I always manage to socialize and keep in touch with my fellows.

I was tested amid December to

I was tested amid December to compose a book for youngsters – an absolutely new region for me. The blogging is going great. I'm presently route behind on the word number. What's more, the youngsters' book is going along gradually. 8 Ball Black Jacket BuyMovieJackets

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