At the ACFW Colorado Springs Peak Writing Conference on Saturday, speaker Erin Healy talked about one of the obstacles to completing our manuscripts being distractions. On one level it made me laugh, but on the other I realized it is a serious problem for me in a way I didn’t expect.

It made me laugh because in the past I have told people one of the distractions to my writing is my house. It screams at me. “Wash the dishes.” “Take the clothes out of the dryer.” “Rearrange the office.” These are just a few of the things my house tells me to do. It is easier for me to write if I get out of the house where I can’t hear the voices of my house. A lot of people have either looked at me like I have lost my mind or they said “Huh?” A few have totally understood exactly what I was saying. I find it interesting that there doesn’t seem to be a middle group. They either understood me or they didn’t.

The realization I didn’t expect was that a serious distraction to my writing was my writing. For the month of January I set a lofty goal of how much I was going to get done on my novels. I realize the goal was too large and I should have thought it out better, but I didn’t even get 10% of that goal accomplished. I also set a goal for the year of being more regular in my blogging, both for my personal blog and my work blog. The work blog was especially high for the month of January. I realized I was so focused on the blog goals I was unable to accomplish what I needed to write and edit my novels. I never thought I could get so focused on one part of my writing that it would be a distraction to another part. I have come to the conclusion I need to get better at prioritizing my writing to avoid this part. It is also making me question how I am setting goals.

I still have a lot of work to control the distractions to my writing.


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