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While I know there are conferences year around I am now in a season of conferences. Therefore, I decided to talk about some of the things attendees to conferences should be considering. I recently returned from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs (April 24-27). In just over a week, I’ll be leaving for the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in Estes Park (May 14-17). Then I’ll be home for a couple weeks before the Write To Publish Conference in Chicago (June 4-7). After that, I have a break before the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference (July 30 – August 2).

It is not really important for this blog, but every time I look at a list of conferences for writers, I wonder why all of them have a grammar mistake. I have never seen a conference name where there is actually an apostrophe after the s in writers as there should be. But aside from that, back to the topic of this blog.

Just looking at this list I get a little stressed because I am in introvert so it is hard for me to think about the intense people interaction of a conference exhausts me. While I have some writing friends who are extroverts, I know that most are introverts. I love seeing my writing friends and making new friends. However the constant socializing and constant promoting myself wears me down. Introverts need time alone to restore energy and focus. Below are some of the things I do to help keep my energy as high as possible.

Go to the conference rested. Get everything packed and prepared a couple days before the conference and allow a day or two of solitary activity before leaving.

Don’t try to do everything. For the first few conferences I attending in my writing journey, I felt I had to attend every event and class possible. Over the years, I have learned this is not true and actually puts me in a position of not getting as much out of the conference. So pick the key events and make sure those are attended. Look at the schedule and pick out times to step back and take a few minutes of rest. Most conferences have recordings for those things the attendees can’t attend.

Pick out the most important activities. Appointments with editors and agents to promote an author’s writing are critical to the process of getting traditionally published. Contacts with service providers are critical to the process of indie publishing. The networking and classes specific to the writing life of an author are very important.

Watch your diet. To be totally honest I’ve found most of the food at conferences is not that good. In fact, it can be unhealthy. Know the food to which your body responds well. Pick and choose what you eat to the greatest extent possible. Keep healthy snacks in your room or in your bag in case you need them. With proper nutrition anyone rests better.

There are just a few hints. More to come on Wednesday.


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Look at the schedule and pick

Look at the schedule and pick out times to step back and take a few minutes of rest. W88 W88

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