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I’m trying to get back on track today because last week I didn’t keep my commitment to you, my readers. I was so tired from the conference; I didn’t accomplish much during the past week. That being said, this week I’m have to get my act together because I leave again in a few days—first for a wedding in Washington State followed by teaching and taking pitches at the Write To Publish conference in Chicago. I’m glad I have good neighbors to take care of my house and keep everything safe.

I wasn’t able to teach one of my classes at CCWC because there weren’t enough registered, but I will be teaching it at Write to Publish. Therefore, today’s blog is some information for those who weren’t able to hear it and a teaser for those who might be interested in doing so.

Bringing Out Your Internal Extrovert

My youngest daughter is the poster child for extroverts while I score very high on the introvert side. When I told her I was teaching this class, her response was “Didn’t you do that when you had me?”

Many people tell me they don’t think I am an introvert because I can be open and friendly as well as get up and speak to groups. The first thing this comment tells me is they don’t know the primary definition of an introvert or extrovert. Basically an introvert gains their energy from time alone. He or she is comfortable being alone and working alone. My family and close friends can tell you after a large event or conference where I spend my time constantly talking to people, interacting with them and focused on their needs, I come home and hide for a few days, sleeping and writing alone. An extrovert, on the other hand, gains energy being in crowds—the more people the better. My daughter gets just as tired being alone as I do being with people.

Most people think of introverts as shy and retiring. If they are around people, they keep it to only one or two. This can also be true for me. Being around people makes me nervous and unsure of myself. But I’ve learned over the years to do what one of my friends calls slipping into a persona when the situation calls for me to be active and relational with large groups of people. Another friend calls it putting on her “writer woman” hat. Either way, the goal is to be myself at the same time I act as an extrovert.

What tricks to I use to accomplish this in a real way? Is it possible for any introvert to be an extrovert when necessary? The answer is yes and that is what I will be discussing in the class at Write To Publish next week. I hope a lot of you can make it to the conference.


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Therefore, today’s blog is

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