Trying to be brave

Any discussion of marketing a book includes the topic of platform. Some say it is essential, some say not so much. The bottom line is an author needs some level of platform and that level includes social media. Like the rest of the world, some authors are more comfortable with social media than others. The general consensus is that no matter whether authors do many types of social media or just a few, they need to do it well.

Personally, I haven’t done a lot but with social media because I’ve not good figuring out how to use it. I’m a little scared trying these new things. With my book coming out in a few months I’ve decided I’m going to learn to better use the media I’m currently using and start being more efficient at using it with new types. Right now I am only on Facebook and Linked In. I am trying to start using Twitter with fingers shaking.

Once I am relatively proficient where I am now, I plan to more on to more. My question to other authors is what social media you recommend to get the most “bang for my buck?”


I use Facebook and Goodreads.

I use Facebook and Goodreads. I'm still figuring Facebook out, but I really like Goodreads. It's a great way to connect with people who read books like what you write.

Social Media?

My favorite place is Facebook and I think you have to focus on where you're most comfortable. Having said that, I'm finding Pinterest to be an interesting place where I'm getting more repinning and more exposure. Does that translate to more book sales? Pinterest is fun though! (and addicting). Baby steps!

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