Out of the Bottle

It’s been a long couple of years. Some people would call it writer’s block. Others call it depression. There are many names for it. But in the past two years I have written almost nothing. I have started a lot of articles, blogs and other pieces of writing, but the words to get the thoughts across just haven’t come. I’ve done a lot of work during this time to make changes and find my words again.

It felt like my words were stuck in a bottle and a huge cork that I couldn’t handle kept them in.

Now it has happened. The work has paid off. But I really don’t know how it happened. I don’t know what I really did, but two weeks ago the cork flew off the bottle and the words starting escaping. In those last two weeks I have written five chapters in a chapter book, 11,500 words of rewriting on my next novel and today I got the great news.

I can’t talk about the details yet, but …. Yesterday, I submitted an idea proposal for a novella and today I received a contract for it. I’m celebrating.

The words have exploded out of the bottle. I’ve found my way back to my writing world. I feel whole again. Time to celebrate.


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Uncorked and Writing

Perhaps you were working on getting Shattered Trust finished and out. So you were writing just not another novel or novella or short story. We writers have to completely finish the occasional project before our minds can release all the pent up stuff. Sounds like 11,500 is enough pent up stuff to get the juices flowing. Congrats on being ready to move forward - some of us aren't ready when it happens and we squander all the ideas by ignoring them or not recognizing their viability. You haven't. That's good. I look forward to reading your next offering.


So very happy for you, Chris!

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