Old Fashioned

I’ll admit it. I’m an old lady and sometimes I’m kind of old fashioned.

I remember the days when police were viewed as an important part of the community. They were the ones with whom we felt safe. Children were taught to go to a police officer if they were in anyway in trouble. The key word here is community.

Now, while I’m old fashioned, I’m not stupid. Even back then I knew that police were human and some of them made mistakes. And some of them were bad guys. But we focused on the good they did. Now it feels like every time I turn on the news there is another story about an officer being accused of doing the wrong thing. But Super Bowl night reminded me of the old days when the community came together.

As Broncos Country celebrated I watched the police in riot gear riding on the side of their vehicle. They were reaching out to the celebrating fans and giving them high fives. And I watched the fans going out of their way to share those high fives with the officers. As I watched it, my thoughts returned to those simpler times of community and I basked warmly in those thoughts.


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In time

Amen to that.

It's amazing and kinda sad how a few bad cops have made the interaction between civilians and the authorities so tense but I really hope we get to a level where all the bad apples are purged but it's going to take some time.

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