Salsa and Speed Bumps

I love to read books that offer me a relaxing escape along with information and a good story. Last week I found one I will keep as one of my favorites. Susan M. Bagnaz wrote this great romance called Salsa and Speed Bumps as part of a series. I look forward to her next book.

I knew I was going to need something to distract me when I downloaded this book. I was preparing for a long day of appointments with a lot of waiting between them. I hoped this book would fill the time. Salsa and Speed Bumps not only met, but exceeded my expectations. The excellent writing of Susan M. Baganz transported me from cold, dreary waiting rooms to the warm, intriguing world of Stephanie and Roberto.

The couple were interested in each other from the beginning, but both carry secrets which could cause others to reject them. Finding the courage to be vulnerable on their first date, they build a relationship based on true character. Their path is made treacherous by bump after bump but watching them work their way along their path is a lesson for all of us as we grow in our relationships.

Stephanie is stalked by an ex-boyfriend who refuses to let her go and a trafficker who wants to exploit her. As Roberto tries to protect her, he must deal with his own pain and the unjust assumptions of others.

In addition to these lessons there is plenty of information the reader can learn about the worlds of adoption and trafficking..

Thanks to Susan for a book with a thrilling story, education, and a great escape.


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