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I’m looking forward to sharing an adventure with all of you. It is a trip through the land of creativity inside our minds. Creativity explains our world, changes it and builds new worlds within it. This morning, a beautiful day in Colorado and I look out my window through green leaves at patches of bright blue sky, creating different pictures in the gentle breeze. I see butterflies calling me to follow them; sparkling eyes of children playing hide-and-seek; and a room full of fans making their own wind. The pictures explode and recreate with pieces not matching as a squirrel thumps across the roof and takes a flying leap into the tree. It’s one idyllic moment before I get slammed in the face with reality.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts—good, bad and in-between on Mondays and Thursdays. I’ll also introduce you to some of my writing and speaking friends. Be talking to you in a couple days.




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