Real characters

This morning I spoke at my Toastmasters meeting. I practiced speaking to 5th and 6th graders about making their characters real. One of my evaluations said this was good information for adults as well as the youth I will be teaching. Here are a couple of the things I said.

The old woman walked across the street with her cane. What other information could you give your readers? Did she stand tall and proud? Did her cane tap in time with her steps? Was she hunched and curled over the cane? Were her feet shuffling. How much of her weight was being held by the cane? Did she walk slow or fast? Was she friendly and open or cold and haughty?

She laid on the table, the man standing above her, cradling her head in her hands. His fingers probed to find the right hold as he started to twist her neck. Is he the great healer who will restore life to her useless legs with one swift pull or is he the murderous fiend who haunts the foggy alleys, mourning the death of his exquisite Annabelle and refusing to allow young love to live? Is he giving her life or death? How does the reader know whether there is concern or anger on his face? What does Annabelle see as she looks up at him? Does she know and understand what is happening? The answers to these questions could determine story’s genre.

I like to make up stories about people I see as I am out and about. Visits to the doctor, chiropractor, or dentist hold special opportunities for making up different scenarios. Remember writers are like all good artists and find new material to work on lurking behind every corner.


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