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I have a story for you tonight. My adult daughter attended the Colorado Rockies baseball game tonight. Before the game, a man commented on the book she was reading. During the conversation following the comment, this man said his son was a creative writer, but is having trouble finding places where he can get help with his stories and post them on the web. She gave the man this website and I hope I will be seeing the young man's stories soon.

This site is for all of you who like to write. After I review the stories, they will be posted on this site. I will review the stories and let you know if there are writing errors you can correct, so your story will be better when it is posted. You can help each other by commenting on each other’s stories. Tell the writer what is good, what you liked, and what you didn’t like. I don’t know of any writer who doesn’t like to get feedback on their stories.

Remember, when stories are posted, they will be identified by only your first name and your age. If you don’t want your first name published, you can use a pen name. I’m excited about the opportunity to read and post the things you write.


That's cool stuff! I was

That's cool stuff! I was looking to read some personal stories of site author like you've shared in this article and this one is the best option for me to get quality task and help me a lot to understand. Thank you!

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