Say It Different

Have you ever thought about words and phrases adults say that are the same—over and over? Do you like books with the same phrases? Most people don’t because it makes the story boring.

What new phrases can you come up with? How can you say the same thing in a new way? My eight-year-old grandson loves to tell stories and has started writing them down. One day when he was visiting, he surprised me by saying, “The people left to the farm.” We have all heard left from, but not left to.

How many things do you like to say that are different from most adults?


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That's essentially a good

That's essentially a good method to do it as well. According to the guideline of early child care, repeating a word out loud or repeating it in your mind doesn't always work, but repeating the spellings of words can work more. Odd words like school are respectable ones.

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