An Expanse

Then God said, “Let there be an expanse, in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.” (Genesis 1:6 NASB)

An expanse, Abba? I’m not quite sure what You mean by the word “expanse.” This makes me think of a bridge and the area under the bridge. That would mean there is water above the bridge and water below the bridge, with an open area between them. I think of the pictures from the “Journey to the Center of the Earth” movies when they are around the sea and there is something like a roof above them and the sea below them. Is that an accurate picture, Abba – at least somewhat accurate? If I put the idea of being in that kind of expanse together with my thoughts earlier about the waters and creation, that means I live in a place completely surrounded, not only by Your creation, but also by the basic element of creation – the water. If I am totally surrounded by the basic element of Your creation, and I am tied to You, that would mean that I have the ability to use that element to become a partner with You in creation. It would mean that within the level that You allow me to do so; I am a co-creator with You – that all mankind is a co-creator with You—Not because we are equal to You, but because You chose to allow us to do limited creation because You want to share with us. And that You are surrounding us with the basics of creation because You want us to join You in the act of creation. Is that right, Abba? Am I on the right path in my thinking? I had to stop typing for a few moments, Abba. To take in and think about that concept. It is overwhelming, Abba. I have always believed that You are the source of my inspiration and of my writing skills. But I have never thought about the fact You created me in a world where I am totally immersed in the basic element of creation and You are giving it to me to use. Abba, please help me to use it well; to use it for Your glory. With my foolish and broken nature, it is so easy for me to misuse the wonderful gifts You have given me. Abba, I want to use this gift only to honor You and to help people find their way to You. Abba, please guide my hands and my mind that all the pieces of creation you give me to use will be used for Your great and wonderful glory. Abba, I’m thinking that You have given me this task to write the Bible with comments that I might not only learn from them myself, but that I can use it as the basis for a regular blog/devotion to share with others. Is that right? Is that what You want me to do with this project? Please help me to be sure and if I am right to move forward with that. Please let me clearly know if that is where I am supposed to go and what I am supposed to do. Please don’t let me go off half-cocked and start something I cannot complete because it is not in accordance with Your will. And, Abba, if it is Your will, help me to move forward with it as I should. Please make my course of action clear in my mind so that I might obey. Amen.


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If there was no water on the Earth then

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Well, Christine, there is very deep inside

Well, Christine, there is very deep inside your example of an expanse, and you are talking about the way which is creating sketch step by step in the mind of reader. It is just like a live movie we are watching with the thrilling scene of passing the quill. It is impossible to separate the water from the water but you did it through the way you are talking about.

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