What is my "land?"

Gen 1:9-10 - Then God said, “Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear;” and it was so. God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters He called seas; and God saw that it was good. (NASB)

The waters are gathered so that the dry land can be seen. The essence of creation, the basic element of creation is gathered into one place so that what has been created can be seen. Abba, Your creation must be seen by all people. It doesn’t exist as simply matter, it actually becomes something, and in this case that something is land. In what You have given me to do, that something can be a book, or a blog, or a devotion, or something else that You haven’t even told me about yet. What is my ‘land,’ Abba? What do you want me to create today? Is it part of something I have already done, like the proposal for our book? Is it the blog/devotion I keep thinking about as I am writing this? Abba, help me to know exactly what You want me to do with Your creation today. Help me to know what I need to be doing today. What is my ‘land’ today? What will be the visible portion of creation that is Your will for me to create this day, this hour, and this minute? Everything You made was, and is, good, Abba. But everything I create is tainted by the corruption of my sinfulness. It is good because of the touch of Your hand. Abba, I ask that in the things I create with You only Your good, creative matter be seen. Let the focus of all that I do be based on the good and the good is what will be visible to all that see it. Abba, these last few days of working on this project have been good and have been positive. But last night my sleep was interrupted with negative thoughts of how all this cannot work out, how much of what I am doing will not be good. Abba, help me to see the positive. Help me to see Your creation, Your good in all of this. I know that I have messed a lot of things up and there are problems because of that, but let me see what You will do with it. Please let my ‘earth’ be the ‘earth’ of Your creation, not mine, because in You all things are good. Abba, please let my steps today and my thoughts and my actions be filled with the beauty of Your creation, not the worries of my creation.


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