My Friday Thoughts

This week I am working in a booth at the Sweet Adelines International Conference. For those who don’t know the Sweet Adelines are a group who sing barbershop style. At first, I didn’t want to go to this conference because it brought back negative memories.

I love to sing and do it a lot when no one else can hear me. I avoid singing because of being asked to either mouth words or leave three choirs. In addition, I was rejected by two different Sweet Adelines groups. All this rejection because I am not a good singer made me very uncomfortable with singing in public. These events happened over 20 years ago.

I got some help getting over these feelings because the choir director at my church allowed me to join the choir and she moved me into a different position than anyone else has ever done. She moved me from singing with men instead of the women and it is working out better. Another thing that helped me was being around these warm and friendly women at the conference.

All this brought on many thoughts about all that rejection. I have allowed it to control me for many, many years. Being a Sweet Adeline takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Had I been accepted, the time I would have been required to be involved in the group I would have to have given up other dreams. During those 20 years, I have honed my writing skills and taken the steps toward becoming a published author. I have also learned skills and become an editor. These are things I would have missed had I dedicated myself to singing in this group. At the time I was rejected, it hurt a lot and it affected me for a long time. But now, as I look back I’m actually glad it happened because I was I love what I am doing. It’s kind of funny how things work out and how much God truly is in control.



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