The passion of writers. As an editor, I love listening to the words and passion of authors talking about his or her work. Today, I had the pleasure of talking to an author about her story. She spoke of the ways in which God lead her to write her book. She started with her ideas of what the book was going to be about and then heard an inspirational saying that lead her in a different direction for the first part of the book. Then another inspirational saying caused her to change her topic slightly for the second portion of the book.

Now, I would love to say she is going to publish her book with the publishing company I work for, but she has chosen to self-publish. I am a believer in traditional publishing whenever possible, but there are good reasons for self-publishing and her reasons are excellent.

I’m feeling very positive tonight just from listening to her passion and to the common sense she was showing in figuring out her decisions. She is the type of author with whom I love spending time.


Really Impressive

Being a writer, many are among the fortunate few who are actually doing something they love. Becuase there are struggles in both financial and personal. But many successful writers have the talent as well ability shape words into tangible expressions that can educate and inspire.

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I understood today exactly how much different types of workmanship intend to me. I have been writing for a considerable length of time and utilizing photography, music,do my homework for me motion pictures, plays, fine art, and drawings to rouse my disposition for a book however I never saw the association between them all.

Editing for content

We met at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Conference last month. You critiqued my first page. One of my main characters is a victim of human trafficking. The novel is about 88,000 words. How much would you charge to edit it? A developmental editor has already looked at the manuscript. Thanks.

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