Launch Day

Shattered Trust bookAm I excited today? Yes, I am super excited. Why? Because my debut novel launches today. This event is the fulfillment of a long time dream in my life. But in my heart, today is not about me.

Shattered Trust is the story of a police officer who due to a slow slide down has become an abusive cop. When he realizes this, he determines to turn his life around to honor the life of service he originally chose. His journey is filled with struggle and danger and would be impossible without the help of the community he served.

For me, this day is about the police officers to serve to keep us safe. Due to family members and friends I know many of them. Like people in any slice of life, the vast majority of officers are wonderful and honorable people who put their lives on the lives on the line every day. A very few have slid into the mediocrity or negative behavior due to the pain and evil they deal with on a regular basis. An even smaller portion, less than even one-hundredth of a percent, are just bad people. This last group make most of the news strictly because they are such a small portion of those who serve.

Police officers are people and like the rest of us, they need people around them who see them as real people who sometimes need some help and support. Shattered Trust is a book about the good cops, the bad cops, and those in the middle along with those who choose to help and support them.

It is to them to whom I dedicate this day.

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How exciting! Congratulations

How exciting! Congratulations on your book's release! I can't wait to read it.

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