A Little Bit of Green

Today we drove across the northern Cascades on our way from a family wedding to catch an airplane in Seattle heading for the Write To Publish Conference. We drove through an area recently devastated by a landslide. Lives had been lost and many homes destroyed. I had seen it on the news, but those pictures didn’t come close what I saw today. The emotional response as we drove was much stronger. One interesting thing I saw was new sprouts and leaves on stumps of trees which had been broken in the landslide. This sight actually brought feelings of hope.

My Friday Thoughts

This week I am working in a booth at the Sweet Adelines International Conference. For those who don’t know the Sweet Adelines are a group who sing barbershop style. At first, I didn’t want to go to this conference because it brought back negative memories.

I love to sing and do it a lot when no one else can hear me. I avoid singing because of being asked to either mouth words or leave three choirs. In addition, I was rejected by two different Sweet Adelines groups. All this rejection because I am not a good singer made me very uncomfortable with singing in public.

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