Yesterday at the Writing for the Soul conference, Dr. Dennis Hensley spoke about what is important in our lives. He said “Inspiration without manifestation is frustration.”

Now, he was speaking in this case to writers about needing to fulfill their dream of writing if they are going to be happy and satisfied. But I think this is true for anyone. If a person has a dream and doesn’t do everything they can to bring that dream into reality, it is difficult to be happy and feel your life has purpose and value.

Starting Again

Today I made one small change to this website. I no longer have a “Bible Blog.” It is now called “Scripture in Your Heart,” because I have started a new phase of writing. I am continuing to work on my novel in hopes of getting it published, but I have added the project of writing about a method of Bible study. For the past few months, my goal has been to write a verse by verse personal commentary of the Bible. Now I am feeling led to write up my method of completing this project and create a workbook so others can do the same if they are interested.

Let Your Characters be Naked

In the genre of Christian Romance, we are told to keep our characters clothed and appropriate at all times. However, as I was listening to a sermon on Genesis, chapter two, last weekend, I started thinking about how important it is for our characters to be naked, based on verse twenty-five – “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” (NKJV)

Ok, before everyone faints from the shock or starts writing me emails, let me explain. True love only occurs when we are totally honest and totally vulnerable with each other.

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