No Fear

I go to a number of writers conferences. Sometimes I go as an author conferee, but more often I attend as an editor from a publishing house. What frustrates me the most is when authors are afraid to show others their stories for fear of theft. During editor appointments I have even been told by authors they will not show me their story unless I contract it because I might steal it if there isn’t a contract. The level of fear both saddens and frustrates me.

Out of the Bottle

It’s been a long couple of years. Some people would call it writer’s block. Others call it depression. There are many names for it. But in the past two years I have written almost nothing. I have started a lot of articles, blogs and other pieces of writing, but the words to get the thoughts across just haven’t come. I’ve done a lot of work during this time to make changes and find my words again.

It felt like my words were stuck in a bottle and a huge cork that I couldn’t handle kept them in.

Now it has happened. The work has paid off. But I really don’t know how it happened.

Trying to be brave

Any discussion of marketing a book includes the topic of platform. Some say it is essential, some say not so much. The bottom line is an author needs some level of platform and that level includes social media. Like the rest of the world, some authors are more comfortable with social media than others. The general consensus is that no matter whether authors do many types of social media or just a few, they need to do it well.

Personally, I haven’t done a lot but with social media because I’ve not good figuring out how to use it. I’m a little scared trying these new things.

Divine Appointments

Tonight’s blog will be short because it has been a long day at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and I have another long day tomorrow.

Today I spent some time comforting authors who for one reason or another missed appointments with agents or editors. It is important to note in each of these situations, something happened.

Getting Started at a Conference

Okay, I have to admit it. I didn’t follow my own advice. Last week I posted about getting ready for a conference, packing in advance and taking time to rest before the conference.

I didn’t get Monday’s blog done because I was frantically trying to get last minute things done including washing clothes and preparing to facilitate a workshop on Tuesday. And I got to add in helping my husband change a tire in the snow and spending time at the Discount Tire while they fixed it.

Most of the day Tuesday was spent at the workshop and related activities.

Getting Ready for Conferences - Rest

While I know there are conferences year around I am now in a season of conferences. Therefore, I decided to talk about some of the things attendees to conferences should be considering. I recently returned from the Pikes Peak Writers Conference in Colorado Springs (April 24-27). In just over a week, I’ll be leaving for the Colorado Christian Writers Conference in Estes Park (May 14-17). Then I’ll be home for a couple weeks before the Write To Publish Conference in Chicago (June 4-7). After that, I have a break before the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference (July 30 – August 2).

C is for Crayons

What do you like to write with?

Most of us now write on computers in today’s writing world. I do most of my writing on one. I have memories of when I was in college and my papers were written on a typewriter. When I made a mistake and I was lucky, I could fix it with a little bit of whiteout. More often, I had to totally retype much of what I had written to correct the error.


At the ACFW Colorado Springs Peak Writing Conference on Saturday, speaker Erin Healy talked about one of the obstacles to completing our manuscripts being distractions. On one level it made me laugh, but on the other I realized it is a serious problem for me in a way I didn’t expect.

It made me laugh because in the past I have told people one of the distractions to my writing is my house. It screams at me. “Wash the dishes.” “Take the clothes out of the dryer.” “Rearrange the office.” These are just a few of the things my house tells me to do.

New Old Project

One of my goals for the year is to get my blog back active. On Wednesdays I write with my Author’s Hat.

My most current writing project is the combination of an old project and a challenge I received during December. Many years ago (approximately 25 years) I wrote a children’s Christmas play called Jesus Get Hand-Me-Downs. Over the years I have become frustrated because no one wanted to use it. Actually I at points I was very hurt because I felt my talents were unwanted.

Writing Goals

This time of year, there is much talk about resolutions, goals, and commitments, so I guess I should be making some. I have to be careful because I tend to make impossible to succeed resolutions and so I set myself up for failure. But I do need to make some changes in my writing this year.

Over the last year, I haven’t done very much writing and or reading because I have been so busy with my job as an editor. With all my duties, I don’t have a lot of time, but I have got to make a little time every day to write a little and to read a little.

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