A-Z Blogging Challenge

H is for Husband

I got into an interesting discussion the other day. Two young ladies were discussing what makes a romantic husband. I listened to them agree that what makes romance from their men. Their conclusion included things like flowers, jewelry, nights out on the town and related items. Being the nosey person I am, I injected myself in the conversation.

Now, I am approximately three times the age of these ladies and I have been married a lot longer. My sweet hubby doesn’t meet their criteria, but to me he is extremely romantic.

G is for God

I’m thinking today a lot about the fact the God I worship is a God of order. And right now my life has just about anything other than order. Having had a recurring cold for two months, I am behind on everything. Obviously I am even behind on this blog because I am doing both G and H today.

So how am I to look at this? Am I to be frustrated because I am so far behind or am I to believe that because I am getting stronger God will help me get things back in order? The frustration that has come about due to this illness makes me want to give up.

F is for Fishing

How many people reading this like to go fishing? The sport of fishing involves going out and trying to catch a small water creature, generally for the purpose of eating it. That catch can be quick or it can take time, waiting and patience before a catch is made. It all depends on whether or not it is a target rich environment.

As an author I like a different kind of fishing where I got out in public and combine watching and listening to find a plot or a character or a setting for a story. Characters are the ones I like to fish for the most.

E is for Energy

I missed blogging yesterday because I was experiencing lots of energy and by the time I was finished I ran out of my own energy. Therefore, I am catching up and will be doing two blogs for today.

I am not a big baseball fan. Or to put it better. I am a baseball fan by marriage. While I think the sport is okay, but not something to get excited about, my husband is a very serious fan. He keeps score at all the games he is able to attend and can tell you almost anything you want to know about the sport. I accompany him to games because I love him, not because I love the game.

D is for Drat and Delight

As an author I frequently find myself saying “drat.” When I write my first draft, I believe in the idea of turning off my internal editor and just get the words down on the page. When I do my first edit, it doesn’t bother me to find errors because I expect them. Even as I work with subsequent edits, I know I am going to continue to find errors on a decreasing scale.

Then comes the day when I think it is in good shape and I show my story to someone or take it to critique group and I discover a multitude of errors, both typographically and in plot elements that need to be fixed.

C is for Clutter

I’m dealing with a lot of clutter today. I have plenty in my home that I need to work on since I tend to be a packrat, but that is not the type of clutter I am talking about. Right now I am trying to put the clutter in my mind in some kind of order. I’m not even sure how this post will come out because I have so many things running through my head that I can’t keep up with all of it. Between work and church and home and family and writing groups, I’m not sure which way to turn. Way too many things and way too much clutter.

But I can overcome it with the right actions.

B is for Blogging

This is the blog I also put on the Written World Communication blog. I thought it was important enough to put on this blog also.

It seems appropriate on a blogging challenge to talk about blogging.

Authors are told repeatedly to build their platforms and part of that process is establishing a blog. At the same time, many authors feel like it is a waste of time to blog because the whole blog world is totally saturated. On one level, I can totally agree with this perspective because I try to read some of my friends’ blogs.

Above Average

This is my first entry in the A-Z blogging challenge.

Do you ever feel like you are less than others around you? Some days that is my mood; especially if I am tired, not feeling good, or under a lot of pressure. I have feelings that I can’t do anything right. I’m in that mood right now because I have spent three days sick in bed and now I am looking at all the stuff I have to catch up on. It is overwhelming.

Then I have to look at reality. I do my job and because I love it, I do it well. And here I am talking about not only my profession but also my volunteer work and personal life.

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