B is for Bubbles

Editing my manuscript can get discouraging. My wonderful editor found a lot of things I need to review and consider. Note, I don’t have to change everything, but I do have to consider quite a lot. Just glancing at the manuscript is enough to make me run and hide.

However, I have found a way to keep working. My editor color-coded all the things I need to consider making some pages quite colorful.

Now I am a person who loves to watch bubbles floating through the air. When I look at a page with a lot of color, I am mentally turning them into bubbles and watch them float over the page.

C is for Crayons

What do you like to write with?

Most of us now write on computers in today’s writing world. I do most of my writing on one. I have memories of when I was in college and my papers were written on a typewriter. When I made a mistake and I was lucky, I could fix it with a little bit of whiteout. More often, I had to totally retype much of what I had written to correct the error.

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