A Blunder Leads to Love

I had the pleasure of reading The Baron's Blunder. It was a fun read and I look forward to reading more from this author. Below is my review.

In The Baron’s Blunder by Susan M. Bagnaz we meet Charles and Henrietta as they meet on the road. From that point we travel with them through adventure after adventure as they follow their bumpy and dangerous road to a relationship. I love the way the characters are built and the way the author emphasizes the important parts of any relationship. Both Charles and Henrietta are honorable and loyal to their country as they work as spies to preserve it.

Out of the Bottle

It’s been a long couple of years. Some people would call it writer’s block. Others call it depression. There are many names for it. But in the past two years I have written almost nothing. I have started a lot of articles, blogs and other pieces of writing, but the words to get the thoughts across just haven’t come. I’ve done a lot of work during this time to make changes and find my words again.

It felt like my words were stuck in a bottle and a huge cork that I couldn’t handle kept them in.

Now it has happened. The work has paid off. But I really don’t know how it happened.

Launch Day

Shattered Trust bookAm I excited today? Yes, I am super excited. Why? Because my debut novel launches today. This event is the fulfillment of a long time dream in my life. But in my heart, today is not about me.

Shattered Trust is the story of a police officer who due to a slow slide down has become an abusive cop. When he realizes this, he determines to turn his life around to honor the life of service he originally chose. His journey is filled with...

Trying to be brave

Any discussion of marketing a book includes the topic of platform. Some say it is essential, some say not so much. The bottom line is an author needs some level of platform and that level includes social media. Like the rest of the world, some authors are more comfortable with social media than others. The general consensus is that no matter whether authors do many types of social media or just a few, they need to do it well.

Personally, I haven’t done a lot but with social media because I’ve not good figuring out how to use it. I’m a little scared trying these new things.

It takes time

I got the next set of edits back from my editor. Most of the work was simple mistakes I made so it was easy just to make the changes she suggested. However, there were two sections that needed significant rewrites. One is part of an emotional scene. I have spent the last three weeks correcting and recreating this scene. Today I’m celebrating because I finally got it. It sounds right now.

Now on to the next scene. Hopefully it won’t be as difficult to fix.


Since the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, I have been thinking about timing.

The editor for my book, Shattered Trust which will be available in November, and I talked at the conference about how perfect the timing was for my book to come out. It deals with police brutality. A timely topic.

I have had a story in my heart and mind for more than 40 years, but have been told repeatedly not to write it by editors and publishers. I have it roughed out, but haven’t done the editing work because of the negative comments.

Now What?

Just got home from the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I realized I have seen plenty of lists of how to prepare for a conference, but I haven’t seen one on what to do when you get home from a conference. Therefore, I decided to share my list of post conference activities.

  1. Take one day to rest, doing only what is essential, and getting a good night’s sleep in my own bed.

  2. While taking my day, I keep a notebook nearby to make of list of things I need to do as a result of the conference.

  3. My next work day, I go through all the papers and cards I got during the conference.

H is for Heart

Part of being an author is critiquing. I critique my own work and because I am friends with other authors, I critique other authors’ work. Recently I had the pleasure of reading an early edit of a friend’s manuscript.

As authors and editors we are constantly looking at the craft of writing. Are we following the rules for good books? Is our punctuation right? When we break the rules are we doing it in a way that makes our book better? Do are characters have a good have a character arc? Does the time line work?

F is for Focus

Deadlines, Energy and Focus are all connected for me. When I come up against a deadline it increases my energy and focus to finish and made that deadline. Focus has been difficult for me lately because of life is getting in the way of what I have been trying to get done.

The pressure of a deadline gives me energy and that increases my focus. The deadline for the edits on my manuscript is coming up fast. And I am excited to see my focus is improving so I can get more editing completed. It is important do to what is necessary to find the focus necessary to do a good job on anything.

E is for Energy

I’m often asked when I am writing and editing whether or not deadlines help me. And the answer for me is yes, they do. In my blog on Saturday, I talked about Dawdling and Deadlines. I have a tendency to dawdle when I don’t have a deadline.

Deadlines give me energy and help my focus. That energy gives me the drive to get my work done, regardless what part of my life I am talking about. My problem is there is a thin line between counting on the energy and deadline to get a job done and the time things actually take to get done.

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