I love children and working with them. But sometimes the curves they can throw me can change a lot. I teach a class for AWANA at my church. The children in it are 3rd through 6th grade.

For our last class before Christmas I told them a story dealing with how the birth of Christ was connected to stories in the Old Testament. I was surprised to have almost 20 children attentive, interactive, and interested. Most of the time we can get most of them on track, but not all of them. As a result several people who know I am an author have asked for a copy of the book I based the story on.


At the ACFW Colorado Springs Peak Writing Conference on Saturday, speaker Erin Healy talked about one of the obstacles to completing our manuscripts being distractions. On one level it made me laugh, but on the other I realized it is a serious problem for me in a way I didn’t expect.

It made me laugh because in the past I have told people one of the distractions to my writing is my house. It screams at me. “Wash the dishes.” “Take the clothes out of the dryer.” “Rearrange the office.” These are just a few of the things my house tells me to do.

Commenting on blogs

All this month I'm blogging every day for Written World Communications as our yearly Resolve to Write during January. Today, I wanted to share one of the blogs from that site.

I’m still looking at other blogs for information on how to write blogs. One suggestion for building an audience is commenting on other blogs, especially blogs on complimentary topics. It is important to include your blog site with the comments. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this.

Actually I like to get comments when I am blogging and I also enjoy leaving comments for others.

Writing Friends

During the month of December I had very little personal contact with my writing friends. There were fewer meetings and a lot of activities to interfere with my writing and to take me away from my friends.

January started with a lot of writing. First, because I’ve focused on blogging. Second, because I set a very large word count writing goal for my novel. And third, I was challenged during December to write a book for children – a totally new area for me. The blogging is going well. I’m currently way behind on the word count.

New Old Project

One of my goals for the year is to get my blog back active. On Wednesdays I write with my Author’s Hat.

My most current writing project is the combination of an old project and a challenge I received during December. Many years ago (approximately 25 years) I wrote a children’s Christmas play called Jesus Get Hand-Me-Downs. Over the years I have become frustrated because no one wanted to use it. Actually I at points I was very hurt because I felt my talents were unwanted.

F is for Fishing

How many people reading this like to go fishing? The sport of fishing involves going out and trying to catch a small water creature, generally for the purpose of eating it. That catch can be quick or it can take time, waiting and patience before a catch is made. It all depends on whether or not it is a target rich environment.

As an author I like a different kind of fishing where I got out in public and combine watching and listening to find a plot or a character or a setting for a story. Characters are the ones I like to fish for the most.

D is for Drat and Delight

As an author I frequently find myself saying “drat.” When I write my first draft, I believe in the idea of turning off my internal editor and just get the words down on the page. When I do my first edit, it doesn’t bother me to find errors because I expect them. Even as I work with subsequent edits, I know I am going to continue to find errors on a decreasing scale.

Then comes the day when I think it is in good shape and I show my story to someone or take it to critique group and I discover a multitude of errors, both typographically and in plot elements that need to be fixed.

B is for Blogging

This is the blog I also put on the Written World Communication blog. I thought it was important enough to put on this blog also.

It seems appropriate on a blogging challenge to talk about blogging.

Authors are told repeatedly to build their platforms and part of that process is establishing a blog. At the same time, many authors feel like it is a waste of time to blog because the whole blog world is totally saturated. On one level, I can totally agree with this perspective because I try to read some of my friends’ blogs.

Writing Goals

This time of year, there is much talk about resolutions, goals, and commitments, so I guess I should be making some. I have to be careful because I tend to make impossible to succeed resolutions and so I set myself up for failure. But I do need to make some changes in my writing this year.

Over the last year, I haven’t done very much writing and or reading because I have been so busy with my job as an editor. With all my duties, I don’t have a lot of time, but I have got to make a little time every day to write a little and to read a little.

Last Day of NaNo

Today I am combining my Wednesday writer’s blog and my Friday personal blog because this concerns both. This week I made a difficult decision about my writing. I had planned on doing NaNoWriMo this month and had tried to complete. However, this year things didn’t go so well. I had so much on my mind and was so busy; I just couldn’t get the words to come. I wrote a lot of words but they didn’t make sense.

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