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Salsa and Speed Bumps

I love to read books that offer me a relaxing escape along with information and a good story. Last week I found one I will keep as one of my favorites. Susan M. Bagnaz wrote this great romance called Salsa and Speed Bumps as part of a series. I look forward to her next book.

I knew I was going to need something to distract me when I downloaded this book. I was preparing for a long day of appointments with a lot of waiting between them. I hoped this book would fill the time. Salsa and Speed Bumps not only met, but exceeded my expectations. The excellent writing of Susan M.

Old Fashioned

I’ll admit it. I’m an old lady and sometimes I’m kind of old fashioned.

I remember the days when police were viewed as an important part of the community. They were the ones with whom we felt safe. Children were taught to go to a police officer if they were in anyway in trouble. The key word here is community.

Now, while I’m old fashioned, I’m not stupid. Even back then I knew that police were human and some of them made mistakes. And some of them were bad guys. But we focused on the good they did.

Preparing for Fun

I have a lot going right now, but I am most excited about the upcoming WAY Writing Conference on July 18th.

This conference is for teen and near teen writers. We are having a fun writing experience with teaching and discussions about using photography in our writing, creating a magazine, social media and blogging.

I’m not writing much today because I’m spending my time preparing for the event. For more details, go to https://waywordsandyouth.wordpress.com/


I live in a neighborhood which has only one entrance and exit. Right now there is road construction involving that route. Therefore, I not only have to deal with the construction every time I leave home, but the paths through the construction are constantly changing. I never know what the path is going to be. And after I get through the construction, there is additional major construction on all three of the possible routes to visit my mother.


The weather has been very cold and I have seen a lot of complaints about it on Facebook. For me, cold is somewhat uncomfortable, but more important to me is the sound of crunching snow. I love crunchy snow. It brings back many memories from childhood. Every step takes me back to a time when all I had to do in the snow was play.

I also greatly enjoy shoveling snow which makes most people think I’m crazy. That does not mean I like snow blowers, because I don’t. When I am out in the snow and cold, the only noises I want to hear is the crunching and the birds.

It Happened, Yay!

On Fridays I write about personal issues. And today, it is about change, especially the ones over the past year.

I found this quote from Dr. Seuss “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

I have faced several issues in the last year. Some were health issues. Others related to my positions in organizations of which I am a member. A lot has changed. At first, I felt really bad about it and did a lot of crying. With time I started seeing a positive side to these situations.

H is for Husband

I got into an interesting discussion the other day. Two young ladies were discussing what makes a romantic husband. I listened to them agree that what makes romance from their men. Their conclusion included things like flowers, jewelry, nights out on the town and related items. Being the nosey person I am, I injected myself in the conversation.

Now, I am approximately three times the age of these ladies and I have been married a lot longer. My sweet hubby doesn’t meet their criteria, but to me he is extremely romantic.

G is for God

I’m thinking today a lot about the fact the God I worship is a God of order. And right now my life has just about anything other than order. Having had a recurring cold for two months, I am behind on everything. Obviously I am even behind on this blog because I am doing both G and H today.

So how am I to look at this? Am I to be frustrated because I am so far behind or am I to believe that because I am getting stronger God will help me get things back in order? The frustration that has come about due to this illness makes me want to give up.

E is for Energy

I missed blogging yesterday because I was experiencing lots of energy and by the time I was finished I ran out of my own energy. Therefore, I am catching up and will be doing two blogs for today.

I am not a big baseball fan. Or to put it better. I am a baseball fan by marriage. While I think the sport is okay, but not something to get excited about, my husband is a very serious fan. He keeps score at all the games he is able to attend and can tell you almost anything you want to know about the sport. I accompany him to games because I love him, not because I love the game.

C is for Clutter

I’m dealing with a lot of clutter today. I have plenty in my home that I need to work on since I tend to be a packrat, but that is not the type of clutter I am talking about. Right now I am trying to put the clutter in my mind in some kind of order. I’m not even sure how this post will come out because I have so many things running through my head that I can’t keep up with all of it. Between work and church and home and family and writing groups, I’m not sure which way to turn. Way too many things and way too much clutter.

But I can overcome it with the right actions.

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