Old Fashioned

I’ll admit it. I’m an old lady and sometimes I’m kind of old fashioned.

I remember the days when police were viewed as an important part of the community. They were the ones with whom we felt safe. Children were taught to go to a police officer if they were in anyway in trouble. The key word here is community.

Now, while I’m old fashioned, I’m not stupid. Even back then I knew that police were human and some of them made mistakes. And some of them were bad guys. But we focused on the good they did.

Launch Day

Shattered Trust bookAm I excited today? Yes, I am super excited. Why? Because my debut novel launches today. This event is the fulfillment of a long time dream in my life. But in my heart, today is not about me.

Shattered Trust is the story of a police officer who due to a slow slide down has become an abusive cop. When he realizes this, he determines to turn his life around to honor the life of service he originally chose. His journey is filled with...

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