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Preparing for Fun

I have a lot going right now, but I am most excited about the upcoming WAY Writing Conference on July 18th.

This conference is for teen and near teen writers. We are having a fun writing experience with teaching and discussions about using photography in our writing, creating a magazine, social media and blogging.

I’m not writing much today because I’m spending my time preparing for the event. For more details, go to

Writing help

Author Megan DiMaria is one of the new examiners at She has excellent help all writers, but new writers can find a wealth of information by checking out her site. I just finished reading her article on #Queryday. I think you will find it interesting and educational.

Words, Words, Words

You like to write. You experiment with words all the time when you write. But how do you do when you have to say those words in front of a group?

Pass It On

It’s Thursday, January 29th and I just started working on my New Year resolutions, one of which is keeping this blog up-to-date with an entry each week. My goal for the year is to keep this blog up without missing a Thursday entry for the rest of the year. Last Tuesday I was challenged to think about why I write by speaker and author Kimberly Woodhouse. You can check her out at It’s worth your time to check out how she brings JOY to her readers. Her challenge was to write to make your reader’s life better.

Like to Laugh?

To all writers who like to laugh,

Check out Robbie is a writer who believes in laughter and finds ways to share her humor with friends. I hope you enjoy listening to her.



Hi, Kids,

Today my writing group, Words For The Journey, started meeting again after taking a summer break. It was wonderful to talk about writing with other writers. Do you have a friend who writes? Do you have someone to share your writing with?

Say It Different

Have you ever thought about words and phrases adults say that are the same—over and over? Do you like books with the same phrases? Most people don’t because it makes the story boring.

What new phrases can you come up with? How can you say the same thing in a new way? My eight-year-old grandson loves to tell stories and has started writing them down. One day when he was visiting, he surprised me by saying, “The people left to the farm.” We have all heard left from, but not left to.

How many things do you like to say that are different from most adults?

This Site's for You

I have a story for you tonight. My adult daughter attended the Colorado Rockies baseball game tonight. Before the game, a man commented on the book she was reading. During the conversation following the comment, this man said his son was a creative writer, but is having trouble finding places where he can get help with his stories and post them on the web. She gave the man this website and I hope I will be seeing the young man's stories soon.

This site is for all of you who like to write. After I review the stories, they will be posted on this site.

To be the best writer

How many of you know the most important thing to do if you want to become a very good writer?

Write, write, write, every day.

Lady with a cane

Here is a fun exercise for making your characters more real. Try it our and see what you think. Use the following statement and questions to create a paragraph about the woman.

The old woman walked across the street with her cane.

Did she stand tall and proud? Did her cane tap in time with her steps? Was she hunched and curled over the cane? Were her feet shuffling. How much of her weight was being held by the cane? Did she walk slow or fast? Was she friendly and open or cold and haughty?

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